Sounds silly but it quickly becomes so so much nicer

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The thing is my daughter likes them and my husband said they both go through his movie collection and he let her pick one out after he explains their plots in brief. I told him this is okay but he needs to be mindful of their rating, if they scary or not, etc. He said he went to see these types of movies in theaters as a kid without adult supervision and he had a blast, it defined a big part of who he is but I just don like the idea of my daughter seeing lots of blood or monsters or etc..

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Keep discussions civil and respectful. Know your reddiquette!. Sounds silly but it quickly becomes so so much nicer. I pity you. All progression is meaningless unless you are on an even playing field with other players. You probably be off to some other game after BF1 pumping your stats, but for what? I really wish I knew.