Some days I will spend all day in bed

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Or structure from motion, used fixed points between multiple images from different perspectives. A series of images and a laptop can recreate a 3D object with quite good detail. This may be a good solution for the houses movement, but does not show the water flow (it “appear” instead of flowing in) and even the street are stretched making the effect extremely artificial to see..

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Fake Hermes Bags 17 points submitted 7 days agoBased on Kyra comments to the camera today, how could production think this hermes replica belt buckle Blood Veto twist would ever be used?They publicly awarded a power that apparently can save someone after they evicted and they can name a replacement. It would be one thing if it had to be used on the evictee, but the way Kyra was talking doesn seem to support that idea. The only way the Blood Veto would ever get used on the evictee is if it was a close vote and the losing side had the power, which would almost never happen with this setup Fake Hermes Bags.