Photographs of text, subtitles on screencaps, image captions

My world was changed. Apparently this guy has been doing it since he was a child. The mayo adds a different texture that he enjoys or something like that. Also, during her pained phase. Even though she was crying as she did it, she burned all those saviors alive when her and Maggie were kidnapped, AFTER shooting Paula in the head like it was nothing. I like seeing a bit of conscience (not too much like Morgan), just enough to keep her human, while she devastating her enemies.

I remember a bunch of guys encouraging one dude to ask a particular girl to prom in a big flashy way knowing full well that she already had a prom date (one of the same guys egging this dude on). The dude asked her out, she said no, they made fun of him endlessly, this fiasco took weeks to die down. God, but I don’t miss high school..

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The most “quality” posts on /r/fakehistoryporn are those where the title and image both replica hermes kelly handbags play an important role in the punchline. This means that adding captions (twitter style, /r/adviceanimals style, or otherwise), photoshopping in people or objects, or doing similar things to put the entire punchline or history reference in the image are not allowed. Photographs of text, subtitles on screencaps, image captions that match the post title word for word, and such are still allowed.

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