) May was working on getting the DUP to support the deal

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Before this whole mess with the extension agreement and the speech she gave blaming MPs, it was looking like there was some possibility it would pass if MV3 were held earlier this week. (Obviously Speaker Bercow didn allow the vote to take place, though, so we can know for sure.) May was working on getting the DUP to support the deal, and seemed to be making real progress. If she could convince the DUP, quite a few other MPs and in particular some uk canada goose jackets Brexit hardliners in the ERG had indicated they might support the deal too.

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It will not be practicable for firearms owners to physically return their weapons to Police stations without prior approval. Cabinet will consider further steps on 25 March. These will include measures to:Tighten firearms licensing and penaltiesImpose greater controls over a range of ammunitionAddress a number of other issues relevant to special interest groups such as international sports shooters and professional pest controllers, such as DoC.Have one firearm which will be handed in canada goose outlet los angeles due course.