If you do all the right things, mage>range

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It kind of an inverse of WoW approach where you can ditch zones or expansions halfway as you level, or how WoWs story from lv1 120 is a clusterfuck. In XIV everything has to be done in order, which is great in that the plot always makes sense and you don have any weird timetravelling to past expansions going on, nor do you see NPCs who are dead or whatever at random. But making the main story mandatory can be painful for alt characters (Fortunately one character can level as every class in the game, extra characters are more a thing you CAN do rather than must do).

Legitimately hermes belt fake or real being afraid that these people are going to start physically harming others in the name of veganism is honestly bizarre.And obviously the owners and workers side will get a ton of sympathy from the general public in different forms so I really wouldn be worried about them.The first, get some fucking security cameras for fucks sake. Cops, do your fuckin jobs. We can track down some dipshit on 4chan in Geelong threatening to copy cat the NZ terrorist dipshit but we can figure out this?Second, fuck your political shoe horning.

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