I very confused around how the Ontario Line will be built and

People got hella wasted, and the grime set just went on for the entire night.It was bollocks. The highlight of the night was my friend setting his own hair on fire by accident by leaning back onto a candle. Other than that, it was just a bit shit in general.However, I realise, that this was probably a one off experience.

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Look, I respect the fact that this is easier for us without Zion. But Duke still has the 2 and 3 prospects in the country (STUPID TALENT) and a team and bench full of 4 star talent with a Hall Of Fame coach who has won some hardware. They flat out getting beat.

Pajama parties, field trips, vacation, everywhere. Henry eventually became the family mascot (she made me make him Facebook and Instagram accounts for his friends and family to follow along), and anytime any of us traveled, you were obliged to take Henry for photo ops and to know that you weren’t alone. If Henry was with you, the family was with you..

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Just opened a Scottrade account. Have the minimum $500 in it. I’ve never invested before. I very confused around how the Ontario Line will be built and operated. Through Metrolinx) since the province wants to own all of the TTC subway. The technology the province wants to use will most likely be similar to that in Vancouver (driverless LRT trains that can carry a fair amount of people).

Before begging for an update or a vote count because you been at work/at class/maintaining a life in the winter, please be courteous and read down the thread a little first. Summaries are frequently posted and if something major has changed today, it likely been discussed recently. And terminating Will over Paras..

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Honestly, I think you have a lot of work to do on yourself. If you can make yourself happy, how do you expect to make a girlfriend happy? You can outsource that to a hypothetial girlfriend, so you should learn how to be on your own first. Also, you are seriously overinvested in someone you never even met, only ever talked to online someone who didn even treat you well..

Like allowing doctors to discriminate against LGB people. Or businesses to fire someone for being LGB. Or banning trans people from the military despite the military leadership saying the ban would make us less safe. You can easily build in as well. The random encounters along the way can be native to the area, or creatures living in a symbiotic relationship with the monster you hunting. Maybe the monster is a danger to the surrounding area that people want to settle, or the monster can be used as an ingredient for a whole batch of powerful potions that can save a town from a certain disease.