I probably watched thirty hours of breakdowns of other people

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His Invoker was actually kinda poor compared even to Western players like Babyknight. Lion? I mean, his Lion was fine but it not like he was stylin on fools, either. He was a good but not great Tinker player. Let’s start with an easy difference to understand size. The oval racetrack for NASCAR stock racing can be anywhere between a half mile (.8 km), found at the Bristol and Martinsville tracks, to 2.66 miles (4.2 km) found at Talladega. The tracks that fail to exceed one mile (1.6 km) are referred to as short tracks.

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I try, and it is interesting to keep trying to get our system more self sufficient and contained. We plant lots of perennial and aggressively self seeding crops: arrowroot, sweet potatoes, yuca, yams, moringa, chaya, katuk, cranberry hibiscus. Lots of fruit trees.