I am willing to help pay some extra taxes so children aren

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And let me tell you, sure it hard as nails at the beginning, but once you get it flowing, beating the cores (A and B sides) becomes incredibly fun. On top of the core specific mechanics, you get to experience a gauntlet of most (all?) stage specific mechanics that are found through the game. It a microcosm of the entire game in one stage.

How can a profit driven copy cat run a reputable buisness or service? They cant.And our lovely CM over there u/Magyst was once so full of himself hermes replica belt buckle and their “content” he once tried to sell us on “We gave you x ray llamas” which to me is way worse than being told “Do you guys not have phones”Pre emptivley changing your loot boxes to fit with laws is not “giving us content”STW is kept alive by BR un explained fame and profit. STW would have joined paragon if it wasnt for BR. The loyal fans and hermes replica bracelet playerbase that stick around are treated like gullible cash cows at best.