David was gifted the portrait by some great grand uncle in

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But you could equally say it was capitalism who put them there in the first place. Remember what we have now is only the most recent form of capitalism. We’ve been living under it since the imperial age and the reason most poor countries are poor is that they’ve been and still are, the serfs to the capitalists of the 1st world.

Like, if anything it us super bookish NT types I expect to have meltdowns and shit we have a tendency to ignore feelings and are less likely to develop the skills to respond to our strong emotions appropriately.So I developed really good people skills primarily through political volunteering. It intimidating and stressful at first, but after a half dozen people yell buy canada goose jacket cheap at you on their doorstep while you canvassing, you really just don react to peoples negative emotions as much. Like, obviously it never fun to have someone upset with you, but after a bit it becomes an “aww man that was so unproductive” reaction rather than “I am terrible and people hate me :(“.

Can reasonably get rid of the painting, mainly because it doesn belong to me. David was gifted the portrait by some great grand uncle in Russia, where his family is from originally. An uncle he never met but spoke with over the phone when he was a kid a few times and who, according to David, was the black sheep of the family and an eccentric Russian anthropologist who worked in obscurity for years.

I had a Hello Fresh salesman shame me for stating I could not afford their product (sure I could swing it if I need to but I have no desire to use their product so why pay for it). He initially told me it was cheaper than buying groceries and when I stated it wasn he tried to get into a ” it isn it is” debate with me. He got incredibly rude and ended up telling me I must not like saving money and “Have see this here fun spending more on worse food”.