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Cleaning booze stains canada goose outlet off of nice shoes

I splurged on some nice shoes a while back (these but in a different color), wore them canada goose factory Canada Goose Jackets outlet to a bar, got some mixed drink stains on them, and hid them canada goose outlet new york city away in shame.

This was dumb, and I’d like to try and get them clean. The one leather store we’ve taken official canada goose outlet them to so far was pessimistic and suggested the best tactic was suede cleaner applied with a brush. I’m giving it a shot but their grim prognosis has clouded canada goose outlet jackets my mind. MetaFilter, how can I get these booze stains off of my shoes? [more inside]

posted by Going To Maine

on Apr 23, 2019

Superbranding trend in canada goose outlet nyc athletic gear and clothing

What is this superbranding trend buy canada goose jacket in athletic gear and clothes? It is not just Nike. on clothes, athletic shoes, jogging sets, hoodies, and some of the products have multiple logos right next to each other. It was suggested that it started because of the brand Supreme, but looking through their canada goose uk black friday products the clothing they offer doesn’t really have big logos like that, even if the bags and hats have their signature logo. And I am looking for a more nuanced or even academic explanation and canada goose outlet canada history, possibly like the interesting one in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Has anyone seen any detailed articles, even in academic journals, or in books or other publications that examine it in detail? “Overbranding”, which is what sneakernews referenced as part of Nike’s name for that pair of shoes, seems to firmly mean negatively overdoing it with your brand, so I just called it “Superbranding” until I learn what the actual used term is. What’s the story here?

posted by cashman

on Apr 15, 2019

Looking for comfortable outdoor shoes that look nice enough for dinner

I’m looking for what may be an impossible hybrid: Shoes that are appropriate for a light trail hike, but also look nice or at least unobtrusive enough to wear with nicer clothes to go into town for dinner. Most “walking shoes” are either too flimsy or too nice for off sidewalk adventures, or are too ugly for me to consider wearing them with nicer clothes, but I’m open to any and all suggestions! Womens 9 9.5 if it’s relevant. Low boots are Canada Goose sale OK, too.

posted by rhiannonstone

on Mar 17, 2019

What else can I put in my heels?

I just scored a pair of these shoes on EBay. the heels canada goose outlet sale are removable and you can put anything inside. They were also originally sold filled with glitter, as well as Barbie doll heads. My first instinct would be to Canada Goose Coats On Sale put fish inside, but that would be too cruel to the fish so I’m NOT willing to do that. But canada goose outlet parka I would love more ideas! Ideally nothing too expensive or heavy, though I doubt I’ll be doing any goose outlet canada distance walking in them, so some weight is probably manageable. And I don’t know if canadian goose jacket they’re actually watertight. Ideas?

posted by Mchelly

on Feb 21, 2019

How can I fix these boots to be wearable?

I have a pair of Baretraps boots with 2″ heel, and they are terribly uncomfortable. The problem seems like the outer mid foot/outside arch area is too high maybe? The soles are hard as rocks and cheap canada goose that particular area weirdly is where all the weight lands, not the heel or the ball. I stuck in a pair of half sole heel gel inserts, and cheap Canada Goose they helped some but still not great. What can I do to fix cheap canada goose this? Would a cobbler be able to help?

posted by lemonade

on Feb 9, 2019

Roomy, flexible, waterproof snow boots?

I have wide, “tall” feet with high arches and insteps; also, duck style splayed toes that I like to wiggle up and down when I walk. Normally I do barefoot or minimalist shoes, but most brands have limited winter offerings. Can anyone suggest proper waterproof snow boots (not fashion boots) that have wide, ideally untapered toe canada goose clearance boxes AND a deep midfoot that won’t press down on the tops of my feet? Light and flexible soles would be a huge bonus, but not absolutely required. [more inside]

posted by Bardolph

on Jan 9, 2019

Custom shoe inserts: Upstep, Wiivv, or good ‘ol podiatrist?

I am on the market for podiatric shoe inserts, for comfort and relief of minor to moderate foot pain. I have had inserts made by a podiatrist in the past and they have helped. canada goose outlet uk sale I have worn through those and am now considering bypassing the podiatrist and ordering directly from Upstep or Wiivv. My sense is that podiatrists themselves use third party services for producing their inserts. It’s not clear that schlepping to the podiatrist offers me an advantage. What do you think? Have you used one of these new services.