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Apartheid cop at Timol inquest

Forging signatures and playing tricks with the full knowledge of the government is what Paul Erasmus took part in when canada goose outlet toronto factory he served as a field worker as part canada goose outlet new york city of the apartheid security branch, in which he served for 17 years.

Erasmus took to the stand today in the second sitting of the reopened inquest into the death of activist canada goose uk black friday and struggle icon Ahmed Timol, who was held at John buy canada goose jacket Vorster Square police station and was said to have jumped to his death in October 1971. They believe that Timol was tortured and pushed to his death from canada goose outlet canada the 10th floor.

Erasmus was canada goose jacket outlet stationed on the ninth floor of the canada goose outlet store canada goose uk outlet uk building, he said in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria this morning.

Wearing a leather jacket, Erasmus sat with a head of grey silver hair as he confessed to his role in undermining the liberation movement as an apartheid era policeman.

witnessed the first ever torture on canada goose outlet online the 10th floor; a man testicles were being crushed, he said.

According to Erasmus, his uk canada goose role was more of a assault one, in which he inflicted fear into detainees by them, but he was never at the forefront of being an investigator, which is what occurred on the 10th floor.

Sleep deprivation was one of the main methods of torture used in order to gain information from detainees.

were given to them at irregular times and this used to mess with their psyche. canada goose coats on sale Then there used to be the good guy bad guy thing where one police officer would go in and beat up the person and then the good cop would go in and tell the detainee that man you can go on like this, just tell us the truth he said.

Erasmus said that these torture methods worked and he had been witness to numerous torture sessions.

Under the police security unit of Stratcom, Erasmus played canada goose outlet shop a significant role in trying to create ructions within the ANC and any other parties who went against the apartheid rule at the time.

Erasmus was asked to draw posters which appeared overnight all over Canada Goose Online South Africaspent many hours, much to the mirth of my commanding officers, practising Archbishop Desmond Tutu signature. Which was used on many occasions, one of which when my commanders came to me one day with a letter

Erasmus explained that all post entering and leaving South Africa at the time was channelled through Jeppe Street Post Office, which housed retired security staff policemen in its basement who sifted through letters, as they looked for any sort of threat to the apartheid led government.

Mail men

the mail was examined and anything of possible security interest was taken, placed in huge wool bags, driven down the road into John Vorster Square into the basement and kept on the ground floor where there was an assembly line of old policemen with kettles steaming open envelopes, he said.

Erasmus said that an American woman had written to Tutu, offering money to canada goose factory outlet him for philanthropic canada goose store purposes, for an undisclosed amount.

letter never went back to her, but what did go back to her was a letter that I forged, that said: Dear so and so We resent you, white capitalist, interfering in our internal affairs. Thank you very canada goose outlet much but we don need your money.

was totally canada goose outlet uk sale fanatical, Erasmus said.

A first hand witness to canada goose clearance Timol death also took canada goose outlet reviews to the stand, saying that he had seen Timol fall from the building. Ernest Matthers told the court that he was standing a canada goose outlet from the window and I saw a person fall and then he landed in a prone position with his arm bent beyond his head and I looked up and couldn see anything. I couldn see an open window

Erasmus had cheap canada goose previously testified at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, where he was granted amnesty for his role as an apartheid era police officer.

This week sitting is set to shed some much needed light into the operational conditions at John Vorster Square, which could lead to more information into the circumstances surrounding Timol death.